It was a chiller, diller, Thriller night when Zombie Burger met the Dance Magic Crew on the streets of the East Village for the Zombie Walk on Friday, August 26.
 Sunset in the East Village  "I just love 3, 3, 3!"
 Just chillin' on a Friday night  "Hey, this band is kewl!"
 High Five!     "These Zombie   
   Burgers are   
 "Seriously, I say we do a flash mob!"  "64, 32, 16, Hike!"
 "OMG! What's happening?"  "Stick by me, Delaney!"
 "They're coming to take us away!"  "I think we should get out of here!"
 "Keep walkin', and don't look back."  "Oh, no!  Remain calm and don't move!"
 "Gonna get ya!"  The Queen of Zombieland
 "The Dance Magic Thriller Crew"  A Flock of Zombies
 Zombieville Class of 2011  "This is the best street dance ever!"

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