Debbie Westphal Swander, Owner-Director

These days parents need to be informed--and need to choose wisely in turning their kids over to the mentorship of other people.

Parents have a right to know what training and experiences a teacher has, as well as how the teacher has built on this expertise to create a program that will be a good fit for each child.  And professionals have a responsibility to provide this information to parents and families.

Dance, education, business, and leadership are the four pillars of experiece and training that Debbie Westphal brings to our dance families, giving her a background that is highly valued and quite unusual in the dance teacher community.

Follow the links below to read about Debbie's training and experience in these four areas central to the success of any dance studio.

Read about Debbie and Dance.

Read about Debbie and Education.

Read about Debbie and Business.

Read about Debbie and Leadership.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a permanent teaching certificate in Iowa.

You can email Debbie with questions, suggestions, or comments at:

Debbie loves what she does--and takes her fun very seriously, because--

It all comes back to the kids!


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